Saturday, August 31, 2013

Correfoc, Barcelona

Typical Catalan culture, the correfoc are simple parades using fireworks and effigies of the devil.

Night Sky, Patagonia

I hiked several hours through the night in Patagonia to find a tree I had seen a few days earlier and photograph it with the night sky.

Crinoid Shrimp, Philippines

A wonderful crinoid shrimp photographed during a dive in Moalboal, Philippines. Very hard to find because this shrimp perfectly mimics the crinoid.

Tallinn, Estonia

I love this shot because it is telling different stories, but I like the story that is saying, "Together stronger."

Cherry Blossoms, Japan

Cherry blossom is called sakura in Japanese. It is a Japanese symbolic flower. There are various kinds of cherry trees, and an especially old cherry tree is called edo-higan.

Reflection, Reykjavík

I was photographing the sunset over Reykjavík Harbor, Iceland, near sunset (around 11:30 p.m.). While sitting there with my tripod waiting, I turned around and saw this beautiful abstract reflection in the windows of the office building behind me.

Summer Palace, China

Marble 17-arch bridge at the Summer Palace, China